How much does a swimming pool cost?

Swimming Pools


How much does a swimming pool cost?

Then the next question, what size pool do I need? or more importantly – what size will fit? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to even start, so we’ve put together a quick over view to compare your options?


We at Design Scape’s don’t install your pool, however we can help with all your landscaping requirements, once your pool is in the ground. We work with a number of reliable pool companies, so you don’t have to stress and worry about the process, you can just kick back relax and start planning your 1st pool party.


The most important thing to have is a clear picture of the end product that you’re after.

We love using Pinterest, which an image based app, with thousands of quality images to help you define what you like.

Click on the link above to be taken to Pinterest Pools and don’t forget to save all your best finds.


Things to consider when choosing a pool.

  1. The shape of the pool and where the entry points will be.
  2. What end will be the deep end.
  3. What materials do you want to surround the pool decking? Paving? Concrete?  as each has their own unique advantages. For example if you concrete around your pool you’ll need to consider drainage options for excess water run off, where as a timber deck will allow the water to disperse through the gaps.
  4.  What do you want to the pool to be fenced off with? as this can really make or break the design and flow of the pool area. Not enough space in your pool area, even when using glass, will make the area feel tight, so it’s important to consider the use of the areas, inside and outside the anticipated fencing, and how much space will be required to make it function well.

How much do above ground pools cost?

Swimming pools range in price, with the most affordable option being vinyl inner with steel supports. These types of pool’s are great on a tight budget, however the liners will need replacing, so you will have more maintenance with this option. With above ground pools, in most cases,  you wont be able to see the waters reflection, and in regards to landscaping options, you’ll not be able concrete around them, instead decking up to them is more common.

You an above ground pool, you are looking at around NZ$5,000 – $10,000 depending on how much work you personally want to do in the installation.


How much do fibreglass pools cost?

Fibreglass pools are great! We have personally had them in our last two homes and think they are great value for money.  They will last for years, and need little to no maintenance which we absolutely love.

They come in a great range of colours, sizes and shapes and increase in price the larger you go.

One small draw back to fibreglass pools, is that you can’t tile them, so they don’t look quite as plush as the concrete pools, however with some nice coping stones, it is easy to lay pavers, concrete or decking, to the finished height of the coping stones.

The average cost of a small fibre glass pool, is around $45,000 NZD including installation.


How much do concrete pools cost?

Concrete pools are perfect if you have poor access to your site and can not drop in a fibre glass pool or you have a strange shape back yard or if space is tight.

The other great thing about concrete pools, is that they’re totally customisable, and made to your requirements, so you can choose the location of your steps, the varied depths of the pool, size, and finally colour and finishing to get that lush tropical resort look.

Concrete pools are by far the most expensive option,  costing anywhere upwards of NZ$70,000 including installation.


How much does the landscaping of my pool cost?

Here’s a complete check list of all the things you’ll need to consider when installing a pool, so nothing is missed out of your budget.
As a guide the landscaping of pool can cost from $10,000 – $45,000 and more, depending on what your choices are.
I know this sounds like a lot, there are so many decisions to make. Let us help you we are experts at complete landscaping solutions for your new or existing swimming pool.
Here are some of the pool companies that we love

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