Retaining Wall Building Services

At Design Scape’s, we recognize the value of a solid, well-constructed retaining wall. In addition to sustaining sloping terrain and reducing soil erosion, retaining walls can improve the appearance of your property. In Papamoa and Tauranga, our team of professionals has years of expertise in designing and building retaining walls for both residential and commercial clients.

Retaining Walls: Why They’re Important

For buildings constructed on hills, slopes, or any other uneven terrain, retaining walls are crucial. They shield your property from water damage and aid in preventing soil erosion. Retaining walls also provide flat spaces for gardening and landscaping, and by giving the landscape more depth and texture, they can improve the appearance of your property. Because each property is different, we at Design Scape’s offer solutions that are specifically tailored to fit your needs. Together with you, our team of professionals will create a retaining wall that not only fulfils its purpose but also improves the overall beauty of your home.
Retaining wall building services Tauranga

Retaining wall types

We provide a range of retaining wall alternatives at Design Scape’s to suit your individual requirements. Some of our popular retaining wall choices is:

Retaining Walls Made of Concrete Blocks

Due to their strength and durability, concrete block retaining walls are one of the most widely used retaining wall types. They are appropriate for a range of uses, from modest garden walls to substantial industrial retaining walls. We provide a selection of plain concrete blocks, split-face concrete blocks, and ornate concrete block retaining wall designs.

Retaining Walls Made of Wood

For homes that need a more natural appearance, timber retaining walls are a great solution. We use top-notch wood to make them solid and long-lasting, and they are simple to install. We provide a selection of treated pine and hardwood timber retaining wall designs.

Boulder Retaining Walls

For sites that call for a rustic appearance, rock retaining walls are a popular choice. We work with you to build a wall that effortlessly integrates with the surrounding natural surroundings of your property. They are constructed utilising natural rocks and boulders.

Our Process for Building Retaining Walls

At Design Scape’s, we adhere to a step-by-step procedure to guarantee that we create premium retaining walls that satisfy your unique requirements. Our procedure entails:


To better understand your unique goals and requirements, we first chat with you. We collaborate with you to choose the ideal retaining wall design and components for your property.

Site Examination

In order to evaluate the terrain and soil conditions, our staff will come to your property and conduct a site inspection. This aids us in choosing the ideal retaining wall design and components for your particular property. We will let you know if you will need to engage an engineer for your retaining wall design. If it's over 1.5 meters high this is a must.

Planning and Design

Our experts will design and develop the retaining wall that suits your individual demands based on the consultation and site assessment. You will receive a thorough estimate from us along with a project timeframe.

Why Pick Design Scape’s, for Your Retaining Walls Needs

Retaining wall building services Papamoa

Competitive Prices

We provide competitive pricing without sacrificing the calibre of our services. We offer clear rates and make sure there are no additional fees.

Outstanding Customer Service

We at Design Scape’s are dedicated to providing top-notch client service. We take the time to fully comprehend your demands in order to offer you individualised solutions that are tailored to your particular situation.

Efficient service

Your time is valuable to us, so we make sure to work quickly to finish your project on schedule and within your budget.


We provide a satisfaction guarantee and stand by the calibre of our work. We'll work with you to make things right if you're not satisfied with our work.

Contact our team to book a free initial consultation and quote for installing retaining walls in Papamoa or Tauranga.