Get your garden ready for spring

Weed Feed Seed

Spring is on its way and it the perfect time to get out into your garden over the next 4 weeks and do these 3 key things weed, feed and seed.

Its time to cut back any dead debris, frost bitten plants, snail eaten plants and the worst job of all pull out those nasty weeds.
I love the Tui Organic seaweed plant tonic is amazing for both indoor and outdoor plant so a good helping of these helps your plants to flower early spring.
I also use Tui Prefromance Naturals all purpose fertiliser and give the entire garden a dusting. The last ting I do to feed my garden is a new layer of mulch this trifector gives my garden all it needs to be healthy and happy all spring and summer long.
Depending on where you are and if the frosts are finished you can start putting your new seedlings in the garden, I usually leave it until early Sept to be on the safe side. If your in a hurry then cut up a milk carton and put it over the top of your seedling with some holes so it can breath and this will help it stay warm on the cold nights.

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