Landscaping construction Tauranga

Design Scapes and a team of landscape designers enjoy bringing Tauranga's backyards, gardens, and green areas to life. We seamlessly combine natural features with man-made structures, creating gardens that celebrate the outdoors while remaining robust and useful, so you won't just love looking at them, but also using them.

Design Scapes has a track record of transforming little spaces into green oases, magnificent, contemporary state-of-the-art outdoor areas, and ordinary backyards into dream locations to live, dine, and party in. It all begins with good design.

What do we do?

Our skilled landscaping design team has extensive expertise in handling projects at all stages of the process, including planning, design development, and design implementation.

With decades of experience in all aspects of landscaping, our team is more than qualified to turn comprehensive concepts into an actual reality.

Design Scapes will routinely check on your landscape solution to ensure it is being used to its maximum potential, from topping up the ground cover to caring for suffering plants.

Before boots are on the ground, it is critical to establish a shared vision.

A well-executed landscape change begins with design, and our three talented designers are dedicated to making your vision a reality. We will create a complete and accurate model using a set of computer graphic design tools that can be modified to fit everything you can imagine - and more. Check out some of our previous designs to see why we are the best Landscaping designers!


After meticulously developing your perfect setting, the Visionscapes team has the know-how to turn those models and drawings into a clean and attractive reality. 

There is no challenge that Design Scapes expert cannot overcome, whether it is decking or fence, retaining walls or pergolas, paving or concreting. (In fact, they look forward to the challenge.) 

So think outside the box! 


The last details are always the most crucial. 

We know what works best for landscaping since we understand topography and weather. We utilize a variety of high-quality goods to bring out the spirit of your design, suit the geography of your site, and ensure that this trend continues long after plants have grown and the elements have taken their toll. 

Our specialist will consult with you about your garden landscaping requirements, inspect your space, and utilize his characteristic intelligent design to transform your space into something lovely. Our landscape architects will plant thriving gardens, spread fertile mulch, and roll out instant lawns based on our knowledge of the natural world.

Decking and pavement, retaining walls and pool surrounds, fences and pergolas are all meticulously designed to compliment the foliage. We complement these with magnificent landscaping focal areas such as water features, green walls, and precise lighting.



The Benefits of Working With Us

When it comes to landscape gardening, construction, design, or architecture in Tauranga, Design Scapes has a lot to offer. Our knowledge and experience with the materials assures that your fence will survive for many years. Furthermore, our team is committed to offering exceptional customer service throughout the entire process.



We also offer competitive pricing on its services and goods, allowing customers to get the most bang for their buck. They recognize how critical it is for customers to find a cheap solution that does not compromise quality workmanship or craftsmanship in any manner. Furthermore, they complete projects on schedule and use only high-quality materials for all installations. With these variables together, you can be confident that your project will be completed correctly and in accordance with industry standards every time.



With our skillfully designed landscapes, you may enjoy your own bit of paradise – us and our team of landscapers to make changes.

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