Fencing Construction

We provide a wide selection of fencing solutions, from simple designs to custom manufacturing. Traditional wood fencing, pool safety fencing, bespoke aluminium designs, solid walls, and gorgeous glass fencing are all options. We can also custom-create practically any fence style - just ask one of our professionals!

Popular fence designs

A new fence can improve your home’s security, privacy, curb appeal, and value. Our skilled team of builders is available to assist you with all of your fence needs, regardless of style! Take a peek at our most popular fences below, or give us a call to discuss your alternatives. Pool Glass Fencing Our glass pool fences are manufactured to last and can be customised to fit any pool size. Let us help you secure and enhance your pool today by installing a glass pool fence on your property.

Reasons to Install a New Fence

Include Street Appeal Adding or upgrading your fence is one of the quickest ways to make your Tauranga or BOP house look more attractive and inviting. We enjoy designing and building excellent fences that you will be proud to show off to your guests. Keep your children safe. Both children and pets enjoy exploring – an adventure makes life more interesting! There is comfort in knowing that your children or pets are safe and secure inside your well-designed and constructed fence. Increase Security Making a physical and visual barrier around your home makes it more difficult for intruders to access and remove your belongings. Security gates designed to match can be the finishing touch. Enhance Privacy Screening installed with care can provide seclusion around your complete home or in your hospitality and entertainment space. With houses being built so close together, Klinks Fencing in Tauranga can provide privacy while retaining visual appeal and natural lighting. Changing or Upgrading Is your current fence looking worn or structurally deficient? It’s time to replace or improve your fence with a new wood, aluminium, or colour panel fence. You won’t believe how much it can improve your enjoyment of your property.
Glass fencing installation Tauranga
Fencing construction Tauranga

Increase the value
A fantastic design combined with exquisite craftsmanship will significantly increase the value of your property. You will not be disappointed whether you are enhancing value in preparation for a sale or simply making the most of your investment.

Services Overview
Jase Scapes offers fencing services in Tauranga and Papamoa. Our highly educated personnel can install custom-made solutions to meet the outside needs of your property. We have a variety of styles and materials to pick from, so you can find something that meets your individual needs.

All of our work is done by skilled professionals that take great delight in their job. With years of experience, they are certain to produce excellent outcomes every time. So, when it comes to finding the ideal fence option for your property, you can count on us to do the job well! To proceed with our services, simply give us a call – we’d be delighted to assist you! Moving on, consider the many styles of fencing we provide.

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