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Decking & Paving

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We enjoy using a range of materials on our projects, this does not only look great, but also saves on the pocket the key is combining inexpensive and luxury materials to give a wow overall effect.


How much does a deck cost to build in 

New Zealand?

What is the cost to build a deck in New Zealand?

A basic deck built in New Zealand is likely to cost in the region of $3,500 – $15,000. 

It all depends on size, height, materials, style of deck you want to achieve.


What do I need to know before creating a deck?

The 1st step when planning your deck project is to think about how you’ll be using it. Is it a private area to have a wee afternoon drink on? Or is it a party deck that you can have all your friends over for a BBQ? If you’re a young family what else will it be used for does it need to be child friendly?

Next, is to get us onsite to look at your house and see where is the the best place to locate your deck. Ideally, you’d want a north-facing or west facing so you catch plenty of sun.

When it comes to size, think about its use, start by moving your outdoor furniture to the area, you’re BBQ, outdoor table, umbrella, kids play toys, then pull all the chairs out, is there room to walk around then and not fall off the deck. We recommend a minimum size of 3m x 4m, for a small deck and for a party BBQ deck 4mx 6m. 

Should I hire professionals to install my deck?                                                       A simple deck that is built on the ground can be built by any DIY person, however you are spending $$$ on materials so you do want to ensure that it’s built correctly and will last. When you’re building a deck off the ground over 1.5-metre in height will require a building consent, and a licensed builder to carry out the work. PLUS you also need to fence around the deck so you need to think about the extra costs of these factors as council consents and the plans needed can be around $2000-$3000 alone.


 As the most affordable option, a simple pine deck can be finished and installed from around $350 per square meter

Hardwood decking is a better product as it weathers better and will last longer, however the cost of hardwood is from $450 – $750 per square meter. It all depends on your timber choose there are many options and we can help guide you when we do the free initial consult. 


How much does paving cost in New Zealand?


Natural Paving

This is a fantastic option for your outdoor area and it will also save your pocket $$$$$.

We love the use of the decking and paving/concrete together as it breaks up a space and combines warm and cold colours which add depth to the area. 

We also love the use of small grasses or loose pebbles around the pavers this creates a positive and negative space and softens the look. 

Paving edging There are many edging options from timber painted to hardwood edging or concrete edging. The cost of paving starts from $90 per square meter and all depends of the pavers you wish to use and the size of your project. 


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